Aston Martin Unveils New Vantage Safety Car For 2024 F1 Season

Aston Martin Unveils New Vantage Safety Car For 2024 F1 Season

Aston Martin has uncovered its new Security Vehicle for Equation 1 for 2024, the better than ever Vantage sports vehicle.

The English car will lead the 20-vehicle F1 matrix interestingly at this end of the week's Saudi Middle Eastern Stupendous Prix. This will be the initial time numerous F1 fans will see the new Aston face to face, though with a couple of contrasts from the street going model.

At the core of the new security vehicle is a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 motor. Notwithstanding its high-profile work, the automaker hasn't expected to play out any motor updates. That is on the grounds that the most recent Vantage was revealed with a 30% power knock.

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The eight-chamber produces 656 drive and 590 lb-ft of force, sufficient for a 0-60 mph run season of 3.4 seconds and a maximum velocity of 202 mph. Its ancestor was censured for being too sluggish, so these progressions ought to keep any further analysis from any semblance of George Russell.

Bespoke Aerodynamic Changes

Aston Martin has outfitted the Security Vehicle with extra streamlined updates, for example, a more articulated front splitter and overhauled underfloor optimal design. The back sash benefits from another wing fitted in a "customized position with a tuned Cart." Even the lightbar on the rooftop has been smoothed out to be more streamlined.

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Sumptuous installations and fittings have cleared a path for reasonable changes inside the Aston Martin. Recaro Shaft Position seats have supplanted the cowhide managed lofty positions, while another mid control area has been fitted to work the FIA frameworks and show lap times, a rearview camera, and track situating of all the race vehicles.

It could be simple and viable, however Aston Martin has still managed the vehicle with Lime Quintessence inside subtleties.

Vantage Safety Car Reflects Brand's Commitment To F1

Vantage Safety Car Reflects Brand's Commitment To F1

The vehicle is painted in Aston Martin Hustling Green, the automaker's most well known variety for client vehicles. It will join the DBX 707 Clinical Vehicle, with the couple addressing the Gaydon-based brand's obligation to motorsport and Recipe 1.

"It is a joy to drive the Aston Martin Vantage," commented Bernd Maylander, FIA Wellbeing Vehicle Driver. "We want a vehicle that is quick and centered so we can answer rapidly and securely when we get the call for around track organization, and that's what vantage gives. I have appreciated driving Vantage during the beyond three seasons, and I'm glad to be currently one of the first to drive the new Vantage and experience its full exhibition family on the world's most prominent circuits.

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The street going Vantage was trailed by the GT3 racecar. Only half a month after the fact, the automaker declared the appearance of the GT4 racer with its cunning transmission, and presently the whole setup is finished.