Nissan celebrates 20th anniversary of London design studio with unveiling of Concept 20-23 show car

Nissan celebrates 20th anniversary of London design studio with unveiling of Concept 20-23 show car

To gloat the 20th year-end of Nissan Diamond Europe (NDE) stuff located in London, Makoto Uchida, Nissan’s President and Chief Executive Officer, visited NDE to unveil an all-new sporty urban electric concept car tabbed Nissan Concept 20-23.

The unveil of the new Concept 20-23 took place on a floating vessel moored directly outside NDE on the Paddington Basin stretch of the Grand Union Canal, which is a key part of the unique landscape virtually NDE which makes it such a distinctive and inspiring location.

Nissan Concept 20-23

The Nissan Concept 20-23 was designed by a team including some the younger members of NDE, with the simple unenduring to diamond a car – with no constraints – which they would like to momentum on the streets of the municipality where they work.

The Concept 20-23 name reflects 20 years of NDE’s position in the heart of London, as well as the company’s traditional number 2 (ni) 3 (san) and the current year. It moreover continues a long Nissan tradition of bringing eye-catching playfulness to the world of hatchbacks and municipality cars. With the heritage of Nissan’s so-called Pike cars, such as the Be-1, Pao, Figaro and S-Cargo, Concept 20-23 brings a 21st century twist to this small-car tradition.

Intersecting worlds

Speaking well-nigh the Concept 20-23 at its unveil in London, Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s Senior Vice President for global design, said: “The young team here at NDE was given a simple brief: diamond a fun electric municipality car that you’d like to momentum every day in London. The 20-23 Concept that they designed is a meaty hatchback which is strongly influenced by the online racing world. I love the story it tells well-nigh how the worlds of modern municipality living, online gaming and zero emissions mobility intersect.”

The modern twist on this small car playfulness reflects both the world of online racing and Nissan’s participation in Formula E. The Concept 20-23’s vital 3-door hatchback body-style features lattermost aerodynamic addenda front and rear, with deep skirts which uncontrived the airflow yonder from the front of the car, through apertures to tomfool the brakes and out through vents just overdue the front wheels.

The nose of the car consists of a unappetizing plane from which angles up to the top of the hood, giving the front an unexpectedly wipe surface. This is where the front headlights are positioned, with their distinctive visitation consisting of a thin upper and lower semi-circle and enhanced by a sharp whizgigging thanks to LED technology. The turn signal is part of the same semi-circle LED unit.

They requite the front of the Concept 20-23 a friendly appearance, in among the ramified shapes which govern the airflow.

From the side, the car’s muscularity comes from extended wheel arches which shroud large wheels with low profile tyres. The top side of the wheel arches front and rear full-length vented louvres to reduce the pressure that can create air resistance in the wheel bay.

The curvature of the wheel arches finish forthwith at the level of the lower door where weedy intersections frame the air outlet overdue the front wheel. And the same weedy slits on the rear wheel arches indulge the airflow to tomfool the rear brakes. The extended skirts hug the soul side on the lower portion of the car.

At the rear, a large single-piece spoiler emerges harmoniously from the roof rail, with endplates which lines from the near vertical tropical to the c-pillar over to the wilted horizontal element which generates the downforce. Rear visibility isn’t compromised by the rear spoiler, lamister a worldwide problem that sports cars with rear spoilers face.

Like the front, each of the rear lights consist of a thin upper and lower semi-circle LED which unrelatedness with the squared off forms of the lower portion which is specified by fiercely functional shapes to manage the airflow and to maximise the megacosm of downforce as the air escapes from under the car. The full width of the car is emphasised by a horizontal bar unelevated what looks like a soft smile that defines the outline of rear hatchback.

A thin air intake is integrated into the car’s roof where it meets the windscreen header, giving ventilation to the occupants as they enjoy Concept 20-23’s performance.

The exterior grey paint has a textured finish, giving the impression of stuff hewn from a single piece of metal, reflecting the gritty environment it was designed to inhabit. The visitor number – 23 – features on the car’s rear three-quarters.

While the Concept 20-23 car model is an exterior model only, the team of interior designers created an interior that reflects the extremely sporty nature of the exterior. First of all, entry is by two scissor doors which swivel upwards from the wiring of the A-pillar.

A twosome bar runs wideness the door openings covered in foam padding to protect elbows, requiring the suburbanite and passenger to step over it in order to reach their seats. The two deep skillet seats offer tight support, but not at the expense of comfort. They are trimmed in a near-white finish, with a large head-support reminiscent of racing cars.

Once in position, the suburbanite is greeted by a long extended steering post which culminates in a rectangular sports steering wheel festooned with multiple controls and adjustments. Paddles to retread the electric powertrain performance and spare switches are within fingertip reach overdue the wheel.

The steering post is supported by a carbon-fibre mount which is itself bolted into position from the wiring of the large, unshut vent which makes up the centre console.

Between the two occupants, two metal beams hold the centre panel in position and are bolted to the “spine” of the car that appears from the floor. Beneath the two twosome bars, a fire extinguisher is mounted.

The interior is a futuristic interpretation of a racing car’s yellowish functionality. with just a couple of screens displaying vital information with minimal distractions – a reflection of where real racing cars – such as Nissan’s Formula E entrant – inspire online racing simulator set-ups.

To summarise Concept 20-23, Alfonso Albaisa said: “It’s a fitting triumph of 20 years of NDE where unvigilant ideas have taken shape and come to life!”

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